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Accepting What I Cannot Change

I went to France two months ago. On May 30th, I landed at the Charles de Gaulle Airport and took a taxi-cab to central Paris. I had jet lag and so was not very sharp at that moment. I looked at my cell phone and then, instead of returning it to my pocket, I laid it down on the seat next to me. When the taxi-cab arrived at my destination, I paid the driver and then exited. About one minute after the taxi-cab drove away, I realized that I had left my cell phone in the car. So, like that, I lost my cell phone.

This is relevant to because I used my cell phone as a camera. I had the intention of taking many pictures which I would them put on this web page. Unfortunately, I lost my phone/camera, so I could not do that.

When a bad thing happens, I wonder: what can I do to fix this? The answer is often: nothing. That was the case with my phone/camera. It was lost and I could not get it back. Then I ask: what did I do wrong to cause this? Sometimes the answer is: nothing. In this case, I did do something to cause the bad event: I laid the cell phone down on the seat next to me when I should have returned it to my pocket. I shall learn from that mistake and not repeat it. My next question is: am I morally guilty of sin? Sometimes the answer is yes, but in this case I think that the answer is no, or if I am guilty of the sin of sloth because I did not make the effort to put the phone in my pocket, then the sin is so small that it is not worth worrying about. Finally, I ask: what are the consequences of this bad event? The consequences are multiple. First, I could not call my friend Claudia in Paris and meet her. Second, and most importantly for this web site, I could not take pictures of castles, churches and museums to put on this web page. Third, I lost the phone number to a girl named Crystal whom I had met and wanted to see again.

Should I accept this bad event? I cannot change it, so I must accept it, but also I should learn from it and not make the same mistake again.