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The Creation of the Proletariat, and the New Proletariat

I recently watched the following video on youtube: . By watching this video, I learned that, according to F. Hayek, capitalism created the proletariat, which is what Karl Marx said, except that it did not create the proletariat by reducing otherwise noble men and women to the level of unskilled laborers, rather, capitalism created the proletariat by creating so much wealth that folks who otherwise would have died were able to live. Prior to capitalism, survival was very difficult. Only the very strong lived to adulthood and reproduced. Thanks to capitalism, life became easier, so the human population grew. The growth of the population, those extra people who would otherwise have died as children, became the proletariat. From what I know about history, this seems correct.

Now I reflect upon the lives of handicapped people. In ancient times, I would have probably died as a child, and so would have most of the handicapped people I know or have observed. In the Middle Ages, some handicapped people survived, thanks perhaps to their wealthy, noble families who had servants taking care of them, or thanks perhaps to Christian charity. Most handicapped people, however, probably died. So, the number of handicapped people was probably small.

I intend to write more next week. If you are interested, then please leave a comment now and I will think of your comment next week when I finish this article.