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I am handicapped; my body is smaller and weaker than the bodies of most adults. When I need to open a heavy door, I lean against it and push with all my strength, and the door opens. It sometimes happens that someone sees me opening the heavy door, and s/he comes along and rapidly opens the door for me. Since my body is leaning against the door pushing it, when the door is suddenly moved out of the way I nearly fall down. Probably, when I am older and even weaker than I am now, I will fall down and hurt myself. I wish that folks would let me open doors myself instead of trying to help by taking control in a way that could hurt me.

Now I think of a poor individual struggling to improve his life. S/he works hard to earn money. S/he resists the temptation to get drunk, abuse drugs, or have irresponsible sex leading to the conception of children out-of-wedlock. I think of someone who tries hard and succeeds. S/he lives virtuously and is proud of the herself/himself. Then the government come along with massive resources and removes the benefits of virtuous living. If someone has a small business, the government comes along and makes legions of laws and regulations to take control of that small business away from the entrepreneur who worked so hard for it. If someone saved money instead of spending it, the government increases the money supply and thus causes inflation which reduces the value of savings. Worst of all, if someone has a family instead of just having sex, the government mandates that the children be educated at public schools where they are taught to disrespect their parents and reject the values their parents taught them. I wish that the government would allow individuals to improve their lives without trying to help them by trying to control them.