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“Regarding the act of receiving a salary as reward for an immoral act, the Schoolmen condemned the immoral action itself, but not the salary. They state that prostitutes, for example, sin by disobeying the sixth commandment but not by receiving a price for their services,” (page 109 of Faith and Liberty: The Economic Thought of the Late Scholastics, by Alejandro A. Chafuen, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2003).

During the Middle Ages, prostitution was condemned because it almost always involved either adultery, which was explicitly forbidden by God in the Ten Commandments, or fornication, which the Roman Catholic Church considered to be a sin. Prostitution was not condemned because of the business aspect. If a man and a woman who were not married to each other had sex, then they were guilty of a sin, but that sin was not made worse by the exchange of money. In fact, the guilt of the woman was reduced if she had sex to earn money to survive, or to feed her children. Her guilt would be greater if she had sex just because it was pleasant.

Today, most folks seem to believe the inverse. Most folks today seem to believe that sex outside of marriage is not wrong, but paying for it or receiving money for it is wrong. This is because most folks today consider feelings, especially romantic feelings, to be more important than anything else. According to this new belief, a woman is disgraced if she has sex for any reason other than her passionate desire for a certain man.

I, personally, am rather medieval in my beliefs on this subject. I condemn adultery because it is explicitly forbidden by God. It seems to me that no true Christian, or Muslim, or Jew can honestly claim that adultery is ok. On the other hand, if someone is going to have sex anyway, I do not see anything wrong with that person getting paid for it. Sex requires time and effort, so it is a type of work. People should be paid when they do work for others, unless the work has no value, such as digging a ditch when nobody wanted a ditch.

If, today, I had to choose which woman to marry, and on the one hand there is a sexy girl whom I passionately desire, but who lacks good human qualities, would probably be a terrible mother to my children, and would probably bitch at me and make me miserable, or on the other hand there is a woman whom I do not desire much, but who would probably be a great mother to my children, and with whom I can have good conversations, then I would choose to marry the second woman, the one who would probably be a great mother to my children and with whom I can have good conversations. Movies, television shows, and novels condemn people like me who choose happiness over passion, but I believe that they are wrong and we are right.