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Summa Contra Gentiles

Many of the people who study the work of Thomas Aquinas concentrate their focus on his Summa Theologica, but ignore or neglect his Summa Contra Gentiles. I believe, however, that the Summa Contra Gentiles is a great work which should not be ignored or neglected. Furthermore, I believe that the Summa Contra Gentiles is a better book for the world today than is the Summa Theologica. The Summa Theologica is for Roman Catholic monks and is impractical, and practically incomprehensible, for anyone who is not a Roman Catholic monk. The Summa Contra Gentiles, on the other hand, was written for use in Spain, which during the life of Thomas Aquinas had not only Roman Catholics but also Muslims and Jews. It is more philosophical, appeals to a wider audience, and could benefit people living today, most of whom are not Roman Catholic monks.