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I am deleting this temporarily because it might be published in a scholarly academic journal.

Human beings are complex, and unequal in their qualities. This is obvious and to deny it is insane. Some individuals are better than others at math. Some individuals have more social skills than others. Some individuals are physically bigger and stronger than others. Some individuals are hard workers, whereas others are lazy. This is obvious and undeniable.

Before answering this Theological question, we should consider purpose at the human philosophical level. Aristotle was the premier philosopher of purpose, which in Greek is telos. He wrote of four ‘causes’ of things: the material cause (which is the matter out of which something is made), the formal cause (which is the form that makes a thing what it is rather than something else), the efficient cause (which is what makes the thing), and the final cause (which is the thing’s purpose).

I am handicapped; my body is smaller and weaker than the bodies of most adults. When I need to open a heavy door, I lean against it and push with all my strength, and the door opens. It sometimes happens that someone sees me opening the heavy door, and s/he comes along and rapidly opens the door for me. Since my body is leaning against the door pushing it, when the door is suddenly moved out of the way I nearly fall down. Probably, when I am older and even weaker than I am now, I will fall down and hurt myself.