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The Eagle

"The Eagle" is a movie which takes place in the year 140 in Britain. The Ninth Roman Legion had ventured north into barbarian territory and disappeared twenty years prior to the film, and now the son of the Ninth's commander wants to find the carved Eagle that symbolized the Ninth Legion. It is a question of family honor for him. The movie had much fighting, and some good acting too, so I would recommend it.

As far as this page is concerned, "The Eagle" took place in the Ancient period, centuries before the Middle Ages began, but it does relate to the Middle Ages somewhat. In the film, civilized Romans fight savage Celts. The Middle Ages, however, witnessed a merging of Romans and Barbarians. The Barbarian Germans and Celts looked at Rome and Greece with awe and aspired to rise up to their level of culture. The Romans, meanwhile, were decadent and needed the vitality of the Barbarian peoples to keep them fully alive.