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Manly Women depicted in Three Recent Movies

In twenty-four hours, I watched three movies on dvd: “Miror,Miror”, “The Hunger Games”, and “Captain America”. All three had a fantasy element: the first was the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves; the second was a dystopia, and the third was about a comic book hero. There was another thing that all three had in common: a beautiful girl who could fight like a man. In “Miror, Miror”, Snow White was not a helpless damsel in distress, saved first by the dwarves and then by the prince, as in the classic Disney rendering; rather she was trained by the dwarves and proved to be a more formidable warrior than the prince. “The Hunger Games” is almost entirely about a girl who survives, largely because of her archery skills, and thus defeats twenty-two others, of which half are men. “Captain America” is not primarily about a woman, but there is one female character, who wields a pistol and uses it better than any of the men in the film use their guns. So, we have three girls with masculine personalities. Is that not a man’s dream-come-true? What man would not love a person with the body of a young woman, and the personality of a man? It would be like having a best friend with whom heterosexual sex is possible. I wonder if that existed during the Middle Ages. There were some strong women during the Middle Ages. Saint Joan of Arc comes to mind, as does both the wife and the mother of Saint Louis King of France. Eleanor of Aquitaine was a strong woman. Many strong, manly women were nuns; perhaps that is because convents provided them with the opportunity to fulfill their capacities, whereas marriage did not.
I would much like to have someone comment on this.