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Movie Commentaries

During the Middle Ages, the greatest intellectuals wrote mostly commentaries. Originality is a modern, not a medieval, virtue. During the Middle Ages, people believed that they were like dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants. A dwarf cannot see very far if he stands on the ground (I know this well), but he can see far if he stands on something, so it is better to slightly improve the work of someone great than to do something entirely new. Thomas Aquinas, the wisest of all medieval men, wrote commentaries on the books of the Bible, on the works of Aristotle, on the works of Boethius and pseudo-Dionysus, and a very long multi-volume work which was a commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard.

We at want to do what they did, but in the new context of the world in which we live. We therefore plan to comment, not on books, but on movies. Come join us each month as we add a new commentary about one or more movies that you might have seen or might plan to see.