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The Theory of Everything

This was an excellent movie. I think that it portrays especially well the man Stephen Hawking, and I much liked the beginning in which Stephen Hawking speaks of worshiping an equation. His god, it would seem, is an equation. I read two books that he wrote, and I concur: Stephen Hawking does really think that the ultimate reality, which others call God, is an equation. In this way, Hawking is very modern, or post-modern, but not at all medieval. In the Middle Ages, people believed in distinction and order; they did not believe that everything is equal. Hawking's wife had a Ph.D. in medieval poetry. I wonder if the ever had a profound discussion about medieval poetry. The movie showed that Stephen was the great genius, and his wife merely supported him. I think, however, that she was an intelligent person also, and I would have liked to see the two debate - him from the point-of-view of a modern or post-modern atheist, and her from the medieval point-of-view.